9:45–10:00AM: Opening remarks

10:00–10:30AM: Invited talk: Michael Bronstein

10:30–11:30AM: Poster Session 1 (Paper ID > 40) / Coffee Break

11:30AM–12:00PM: Invited talk: Le Song

12:00–1:30PM: Lunch

1:30–2:00PM: Invited talk: Jure Leskovec

2:00–2:30PM: Invited talk: Drew Hudson

2:30–3:15PM: Break for ICLR Keynote

3:15–4:15PM: Contributed talks:

  • Matthias Fey and Jan E. Lenssen: “Fast Graph Representation Learning with PyTorch Geometric”
  • Sebastian Jaszczur, Michał Łuszczyk and Henryk Michalewski: “Neural heuristics for SAT solving”
  • Boris Knyazev, Graham W. Taylor and Mohamed R. Amer: “Understanding attention in graph neural networks”

4:15–5:15PM: Poster Session 2 (Paper ID < 40) / Coffee Break

5:15–5:45PM: Invited talk: Taco Cohen

5:45–6:15PM: Invited talk: Jessica Hamrick

6:15–6:30PM: Closing remarks